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Image by Benjamin Blättler


Principles: Appearance, Surface, Immaterality


You have entered the Future Fashion Lab.

Here you are surrounded by tailored costumes of the greatest magnificence. Jeweled rings, golden slippers, long evening gowns that flow from the beginning to the end of time. These decorative surfaces are a perilous excess. Each one is beautiful, but the old myths teach us that beauty can often have deadly consequences. 

You encounter a long runway with a woman standing at its center. Her strides are like gazelles', and her eyelids are lined with the shadowing secrets of ancient Egyptian cosmetics that first dared to explore the all-knowing eye. She is The Seamstress. She looks eternally young but her tradition is of millennial durations. Her measuring pins are like the needles of an anesthetist that carry one into delightful oblivion. She wishes to sew a dress or suit for you. She is the master of enhancement, intrigue, and the quest for perfection. 

The Seamstress gives you the following clue below.

Read and choose your future wisely afterward.

Image: David Spriggs, Red (2020)


The fairytale was always a space for experimental fashion, but what happens when we take these hyper-visual genres of the wonderland and the legend and plunge them into a futurist prism? Do we arrive at a new appearance of the magical creature? 


Will the extreme paleness of the alien, vampire, or ghost (always a forbidden desire in the old world) become a dominant model of beauty in the future? A vanishing into pure light itself.

Example: Fashion photographer Tim Walker experiments with "Wonderland" series evoking the strange realms of children's fantasies.

Post_004: Neo-Wonderland

by Ghazal Zamani

More Proof That Tilda Swinton Is Actuall

Image: Tilda Swinton, W Magazine (Photographer: Tim Walker, 2013)


You have read the clue of the

Future Fashion Lab.

The Seamstress starts spinning threads at amazing speed. They elongate to form a spiderweb to encapsulate all onlookers for the ages.

She offers you the choice of a garment or accessory to wear around the neck: a silk scarf or a sapphire necklace. 


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