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Image by Benjamin Blättler


Principles: Struggle, Spectacle, Utopia


You have entered the Future Power Lab.

This is a sector of pure conspiracy. Everything here is the work of dominance or subversion; victims are coerced by genocidal mechanisms or empires are undone by revolutionary dreams. Paranoid regimes chase after traitors; insurgents set fire to totalitarian systems. Everything here breathes the air of shadow-plots, riot crowds, and martyred visions. 

You encounter a figure who speaks in the grave tones of a mission. His eyes are deep-set and wide, signaling one who has come too close to atrocity. He is called The Rebel, and he speaks in cold whispers about the coming night of insurrection. He is the leader of all resistance movements and fifth columns. He is the master of the scales, the war-cry, and the downfall.

The Rebel gives you the following clue below.

Read and choose your future wisely afterward.

Image: David Spriggs, Regisole (2010)


Technology transposes us into a borderless world where the differences between us and them, self and other, are mere miscalculations induced by algorithmic confusion. It is in the tension between imposed geo-political borders and our instant ability to march beyond them in cyberspace, where the ultimate battle for the future of humanity will be won. Is the horizon of artificial intelligence the transcendence of this-worldly life promised by the gods of antiquity, or the millenarian abyss predicted by the religions of the book?

Example: The UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency) publishes study on displaced groups' use of digital technologies during migration titled "Space and Imagination: Rethinking Refugees' Digital Access"

Post_005/006: Cyber-Beyond

by Arshin Adib-Moghaddam


Image: Yasuaki Onishi, "Reverse of Volume RG" (Japan, 2012)


You have read the clue of the

Future Power Lab.

The Rebel looks accusingly at you, suspecting that you are a spy sent to disrupt his faction's plans of uprising. You must either join their covert actions that evening to prove yourself or face a revolutionary trial. 


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