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Principles: The Digital, The Cybernetic, the Artificial


You have entered the Future Machine Lab.

Here you must cipher and decipher quickly to survive. Everything is run by an operation of abstract encryptions or concealed levers, wires, and gears. Still, it is a zone of insecurity, a fragile electrocene where tentacular societies are undone by those who know the art of camouflage.  

You encounter a woman of light-tapping fingers, a holder of passwords and forbidden information. She is the Code-Breaker. She sits behind screens and runs anti-currents against those terror-ecologies continually born in our midst. She reprograms the coordinates of the real, disrupting messages at the larval level. She is a master of the counter-algorithmic, and the age of automaticity fears her.

The Code-Breaker gives you the following clue.

Read and choose your future wisely afterward.

Image: David Spriggs, The Logic of Control (2013)


Still undertheorized is the nature of the impersonal and perpetual mediation machine itself, the machinic aspects of network-centricity that are anonymous, non-organic, and non-human... When it comes to classifying objects, deep learning neural networks can be tricked into seeing and hearing things. Although they are inspired by the human visual cortex, the resemblance between artificial neural networks and human neural networks may be merely superficial.

Example: Recent studies show that artificial neural networks can be "misclassified" to hallucinate (hearing or seeing) things that are not there. 

Post_009: Machine Hallucinations

by Nandita Biswas Mellamphy

mACHINE9.5 (2).png

Image: Refik Anadol Studio, "Machine Hallucination" (2019)


You have read the clue of the

Future Machine Lab.

The Code-Breaker works furiously on the last remaining cryptograms. All hangs in the balance of a single right or wrong button.

A single digit remains, and she turns to you in desperation to solve it. Is the number 0 or 1?


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