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Image by Benjamin Blättler


Principles: Nature, Animality, the Geoscape


You have entered the Future Cosmos Lab.

Here is where the ranks of animality and vegetality revenge themselves against the human. Things that prowl and hiss; things that grow like vines; suns and moons that were once worshiped as deities. All of these band together now against their common cruel enemy, restoring existence to the wrath of storms, earthquakes, ice ages, hurricanes, floods, and blazes.

You encounter a figure whose face combines  limitless species, their back covered in the tattoos of all prototypes and phenomena (from vultures to spiderwebs and meteors). They are called the Hybrid. They control the nature of becoming itself. They are the master of the emergent, the earthly, and the unearthly.

The Hybrid gives you the following clue below.

Read and choose your future wisely afterward.

Image: David Spriggs, Stratachrome (2010)


The human obsession with small objects has come a long way: from idols and amulets to microchips and sub-particles, from imps and fairies to viruses and microbes. To what extent could such an infinitesimal process continue? Is the future an ever-expanding horizon, or rather an ever-shrinking scope?

Example: Scientists can now produce electricity out of thin air through cultivation of a unique species of microorganism that generates electricity from the air's own humidity.

Post_009: Infinitesimal Gaze

by Damon Bonari and Zahra Bonari


Image: Paul Friedlander, "String Theory II at the Imaginarium", Anchorage Museum (2010)


You have read the clue of the

Future Cosmos Lab.

The Hybrid begins erupting against itself in a convoluted burst of natural disasters. They are the incarnation of restlessness and exile.

In the midst of this self-tearing event, the Hybrid explains that of the four elements, one will lead to ecstasy and the other to certain desolation.


You must align yourself with fire or water. 


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