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Image by Benjamin Blättler


Principles: The Vital, The Visionary, The Artwork


You have entered the Future Image Lab.

Here everything is born from wonderment, seduction, and marvel. Here is where the abandoned go to hear incantations of enchantment. The miracle is born from such beautiful maledictions and magnetisms; the imperceptible reveals itself in luminescent waves, and you feel like you are drifting toward a disappearance at sea.

You encounter a man who would rather be a wolf or panther. He sits in barren wastelands and at high altitudes to avoid others; he is hermetic like all wanderers. He is called The Scavenger. He searches for the most rare objects, and what he does not find he traces into world. He is a tracker and a summoner of potentialities. He is a master of manifestation, the crystal, the charm, and the vivarium.

The Scavenger gives you the following clue below.

Read and choose your future wisely afterward.

Image: David Spriggs, The Visible Spectrum (2015)


One of the first games a child learns is hopscotch. Later we take pleasure in hopping on the rocks in a creek. Then the scale increases and one jumps from one island to another. The final dream is one of hopping from planet to planet, traversing the cosmic archipelago which constitutes the known and the unknown interstellar space. All science fiction films point to this. Mechanical and bio-engineering is lagging behind, but not for long, as dreams force themselves upon the machines. 

Example: In a disquieting yet humorous way, French artist J. J. Grandville draws images of the future, which are somewhere between a dream and a scientific discovery.

Post__009: Scaling Image

by Dejan Lukic



You have read the clue of the Future Image Lab.

The Scavenger is indifferent to your presence, though he will offer you some essential gift to leave him in solitude once more.  From his mind, he extracts two images which are prophecies of your final travel.

The first is the image of a jellyfish migrating across the tidal currents; the second is of a group of children in the hills seeing visions of an angel in white robes. 


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