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Principles: Immersion, Escape, the Hyperreal


You have entered the Future Virtual Lab.

Here you are submerged in the quicksand of highly complex designed planes. Their proportions are entrancing. At first you fear the disorientation and unfamiliarity of each sector, but then you fear more the attractive power that each possesses. How easily you could learn to belong here. How tempted you might become to just stay here forever.  

You encounter a floating head in a workshop severed from any remaining body. It listens to electronic music while building virtual universes, and wears a visor across the eyes which reflect a luminescent blue glow. This is the Mirror-Maker. It is quietly transfixed by the procedure of hyperreal creation. For it is the master of the simulated, the augmented, the mixed, and the extended.   

The Mirror-Maker gives you the following clue below.

Read and choose your future wisely afterward.

Image: David Spriggs, Transparency Report (2014)


The Eclipse dimension of the False Mirror virtual world explores new forms of existence by introducing two radically different virtual identities, Alless and Lena. Alless used to be the core creator of False Mirror in the form of its sole citizen. His engineer mindset turns his modular body into a cyborg that can extend his perception and functionality over time. His obsessive sense of collection makes him lean towards order. His perception of time is constrained by linear time. Alless actively tends to counter his emotions through the creation of spaces and tools. Lena is a fluid form of agency that can be associated to a ghost. Unlike Alless, her physicality, navigation and perception of time/space is lateral while leaning towards chaos. She controls natural forces, dynamics and events in space(s) seeing as her inner-worlds are constituted of nature like landscapes. Lena subconsciously leaves fragments of her body in an organic manner.

Example: Description of False Mirror virtual reality project.

Post_001: Eclipse

by Ali Eslami

Alless and Lena.jpg

Image: Ali Eslami, "False Mirror"


You have read the clue of the

Future Virtual Lab.

The Mirror-Maker hands you a headset and a haptic body suit which floods you with new sensory vibrations. You feel a million miles away, though this insane distance calms you.

If you go any further, you will perhaps forget who you are and why you ever came here. Do you surrender to the ever-expanding beauty of the virtual or do you seek return to the finite constraints of the real? This is your last chance to take off the headset.


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