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Principles: Wandering, Migration, The Border


You have entered the Future Movement Lab.


Here you find yourself captured by unknown rhythms and reflexes; some pull you to whirl in perfect circles while others compel you to lash, writhe, and flail in wild choreographies. This is the anarchy of the masquerade, the festival, and the dance that now overtakes your limbs.

You encounter two silhouetted figures on either side of a grand ballroom. The first is the Specter: she moves in ghostly, ethereal modes of floating and hovering. She levitates and fades at will. The second figure is the Hologram: he moves in diffraction patterns and transmits himself from faraway 3D light fields. Together they are masters of the passage and the crossing.

The Specter and the Hologram gives you the following clue below.

Read and choose your future wisely afterward.

Image: David Spriggs, Escalator, 2006


Emperor Shirakawa once said “three things refuse to obey my will: the waters of the Kamo River, the fall of the backgammon dice, and the monks of the Enryakuji Temple.” He had no idea as he spoke hundreds of billions of cosmic particles were streaming through each cubic centimeter of his body. The dry riverbed of the Kamo is where the first Kabuki performances were staged by all-women dance troupes; what theatrics will be inspired by the imperceptible movements of neutrinos, omnipresent yet only detectable at the bottom of the deepest lake in the world?


Example: Neutrino telescope installed in the depths of lake Baikal.

Post_010: Theater Of Imperceptibility

by Will Scarlett


Image: Neutrino Particle Interaction Event, Fermilab


You have seen the video and read the clue of the Future Movement Lab.

The Specter warns you that the Hologram's dance of particles is a dance of death.

The Hologram warns you that the Specter's dance of phantoms is a dance of death. Both tell you to trust them and move according to their gliding steps.


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